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What is Drip Marketing?

One of the most important aspects for running a small business, or any business for that matter, is staying in front of not only your existing customers and clients base, but also trying to generate new business through your network of contacts.

What is Drip Marketing?

 So some people might ask “how can I stay in front of people on a frequent basis so that when the time comes for them to need my services, they will contact me?”

For businesses that serve other people in the financial industry such as accounting or financial services, it is vital that these people are able to generate referrals and business when the time comes. Obviously, not everyone will need life insurance on a consistent basis, but when the need arises, people who are in that industry want to generate leads.  By staying in front of people at least once a month, if someone needs life insurance, one of their friends might remember your recent article or post and refer you.

One way to stay in front of people is to use what is called a drip marketing. Drip marketing starts with somebody filling out their email address or their personal information to get an E-book or some type of promotion. What Drip marketing does is then send that person an automated response right away and then send more messages every two or three weeks or twice every other month. Drip marketing starts when a person enters their email address and new messages are sent out based on that person’s start date.  Each person has their own calendar for when they will receive communications from from you or your company.

Drip marketing is not like sending out a mass email to a thousand people at once. That person who submits their information today will get an instant message today iMessage 2 weeks from now and possibly a message I got from now. If another person fills out their email address a week from now, the process starts from when that person fills out their information. Using this method, it is assumed that emails will be going out at different times for different people.  The messages that the person gets over time are “dripped” out according to a schedule you decide.

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