Working in the Cloud

One of the benefits of working in today’s environment, is that you can bring in outsourced people to help you with everything related to your business including accounting, customer management, and other small tasks that do not require someone to be on site.

Working in the Cloud

One benefit of working with people off site is that you can pay them as contractors and not be inundated with the costs of healthcare and payroll taxes which could add upwards of 20 to 25 percent on top of their salaries.

Benefits of Cloud and Outsourcing

If you are outsourcing work, it is important that off site programmers have access to files and that you are able to share files for the business. This is where working in the cloud comes in. The cloud allows you to create directories on your computer and share them with people off site. The files are stored on the internet and every time you add a file to your computer that file is with synchronized with your account on the internet and synchronizes with the person you’re working with off site. Therefore, you are both working on the same files and everything is updated instead of having different versions of different files in different places.

Cloud storage and work is the best thing for connecting you and your outsourced contractors to your business.

Benefit of Back Ups

One of the main benefits is that all of your files are backed up remotely all of the time.  Your files will be stored on your personal computer, but if your computer crashes and your hard drive is toast, all you need to do is buy another company and re-sync your files to your new computer.  Depending on how many files you have, the sync process could take up to 2 days, but it’s far better than losing all of your data.

How Do You Start with Cloud Storage?

There are many companies that offer cloud services such as drop and Google Drive which are the two most common on the market today. If you are working with outsourced people having all of your files updated and working on the same things is vital

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